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Volleyball Court Construction. We strive to provide the most comprehensive service and supply in the country when constructing a volleyball court. More About Us... With outdoor volleyball courts we are the only company providing everything from the ground up. This includes site specific drainage drawings, sand preservation fabric, volleyball sand, artificial turf, Edge Guard, poles, nets, pads, antennas, court banners and netting enclosures all manufactured in the USA, most of it in our shop.

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Dimensions of the court are 29'6" feet by 59' feet and are measured from the outer edge of the boundary lines. The new 2 on 2 court size is 26'3" x 52'6". (We still prefer to build to the 6 on 6 court size so our courts accommodate both sizes and in case the 2 on 2 court size returns to the larger size.)


details sand volleyball court details detail d-17 top of court edge 3/4" depth for boundary marker filter fabric around gravel 3" layer of course gravel; minimum 3 4" diameter filter fabric above and below 3" gravel course 12" wide concrete court border with continuous 3/4" chamfered edge (top of court border elevation as shown on grading plans) 6" dia.

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Volleyball Court Construction can be done in different surfaces depending on level of players and budget. We also provide chain link fencing, lighting and storm water system in the court. Volleyball Court Surfaces: Sundek Air-Cush Wooden Flooring. Outdoor Synthetic Surface.

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Indoor volleyball court surfaces are required to be made of resilient wood flooring or poured with a synthetic urethane. The size of an indoor volleyball court is the same as an outdoor court. Volleyball courts are regulated at 59’ (18 m) in length with a width of 29.5' (9 m).

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Residential sand volleyball courts. Our home volleyball court construction will create a Sand Volleyball Court for Residential Backyards and Home Owner Associations (HOAs) to any size. We have Single and Multi-Court design and builds; Economy and Premium Volleyball Net Systems; Custom Backyard Design and Build; Ball Containment Fence and Components

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Dig your court; Choose your framing material – concrete, wood or rubber; Frame your court; Lay perforated pvc pipe wrapped with 2 layers of landscaping fabric; Lay your pipe so the water drains away from the court

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Commercial and Residential Volleyball Courts, Build, Maintain, Resurface, Repair, & Clean. The suggested playing area consists of the court and a safety space around it measuring 10 feet in each direction. (50′ x 80′) If you don’t have this space, smaller courts can be built. (Professional organizations suggest a 70′ x 100′ space with a 20′ buffer around the court but we feel this is excessive due to the increased cost of sand around the court) The space above the playing area ...